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What is the Importance of Cellular Health?

Our cells go through a process known as oxidation as we age!

Over time these cells become less effective and efficient.

We have adult stem cells throughout the body, but they’re dormant.

We need to wake them up so they can help

 rejuvenate, recover and repair!

Why is it called Laminine?

Lami 9 - The secret of Laminine comes from the Fertilized Avian Egg Extract. Acquired on the ninth day after fertilization. 

What is Laminine?

Laminine is a whole food supplement. Three simple ingredients are inside. 

Full chain of 22 amino acids that are essential for cellular health

What are the benefits of Laminine?

Less Stress ..... More Strength .... Better Sleep .... Emotional Balance ....


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    Complete food source
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    Helps cells rejuvenate, recover
    and repair
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    Wide-ranging benefits
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    Recognized nationally
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    Clinically proven effective

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Laminine FAQ

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